Port Ellen Distillery: A Fabled Islay Icon Revived

Port Ellen Distillery


Nestled on the windswept shores of Islay, the rugged Scottish island renowned for its peaty whiskies, lies Port Ellen Distillery—a name etched into the annals of whisky history. With a captivating past, silent stills, and a recent reawakening, Port Ellen has become a mythical icon cherished by whisky enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we delve into the fascinating tale of Port Ellen Distillery, its exquisite whiskies, and the revival that has set the whisky world ablaze.
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Diageo Special Releases: A brief history of collection and releases

Diageo Special Releases 2019

It is the time of the year again where the whisky world is anticipating the launch of the Special Releases collection by Diageo. For decades, Diageo has released a collection of very rare, special, unusual and very limited whiskies in the autumn, often from distilleries which have closed their doors many years ago. Praised by experts all over the world for outstanding quality and deeply rooted in the connoisseur’s mind, it is time to look back at how it all started. This article will give an insight into the Special Releases and will close with an overview of all whiskies released so far in the series. Continue reading “Diageo Special Releases: A brief history of collection and releases”