Hi. My name is Dennis and I like whisky and whiskey.

I also like gin, rum, cognac, calvados, beer, wine, Sherry and a lot more. In short, I like booze. I probably try whatever you put under my nose and the likelihood that I like it is high – you’ve been warned!

I know a bit about whisky (people keep telling me, so it might actually be true) so you’ll find most around this subject here. I might go on an expedition and write about other stuff too. Perhaps I even write about non-booze related stuff but we’ll see how it goes.

I thought about writing a few years ago, started for a short while but many other things came in my way. I simply ran out of time and the project died. I even wanted to delete this domain but for some reason I kept it.

I reactivated this project because quite a lot of people told me in the last few months I should write about the stuff I’m passionate about. And here is whisky-note.com. Hurray!

My main job is it now to keep this going and you’ll find a variety of topics here I try to cover. This ranges from tasting notes, news and more in depth articles. I will also try to have here and there a guest writer.